Devon County Council to introduce waste charges at recycling centres
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Devon County Council to introduce waste charges at recycling centres

From 1st April 2011, Devon County Council will be introducing charges on soil and rubble (including bricks, blocks, tiles, paving slabs, concrete posts, sanitary ware etc), plasterboard (including plaster and gypsum related products), bonded asbestos and tyres brought to any Recycling Centres in Devon.

All other household waste, including garden waste, recyclables and general waste will still be accepted free of charge (for business garden waste/cardboard see Commercial/business Waste and Recycling).

Devon County Council only has a legal obligation to provide Recycling Centre facilities for Household Waste (which is waste arising from the day to day running of a household). However, items from the repair or improvement of houses (e.g. DIY type waste) is classified as construction waste and there is no requirement for the Council to provide any service for the disposal of this material or accept it free of charge.

To avoid confusion, household waste comprises of the unwanted contents of the house and not part of the house itself. This also includes waste created from landscaping or garden alterations such as dismantling a rockery or digging up a patio/concrete hardstanding.

In addition, vehicle tyres are also not classed as Household waste and therefore there is no requirement for the County Council to accept them or accept them on a free of charge basis.

To provide this discretionary service cost the Council in excess of £1m in 09/10 and such costs can no longer be sustained in the current economic climate.

However, it is recognised that facilities are still needed for local residents to dispose of small amounts of DIY type waste (especially just for a few bags of waste when it is not worth hiring a skip) and tyres, and so rather than taking the drastic measure of withdrawing this discretionary service completely, the Council has made arrangements with the site operators for such waste to be accepted for a charge.

If you are undertaking a large scale DIY project that will generate significant volumes of waste, then you should hire a skip or arrange for alternative private disposal via a suitable licensed company.


As of  1st April 2013, the following charges will apply:

  • Soil/Rubble (including bricks, blocks, tiles, paving slabs, concrete posts, sanitary ware etc) £1 per bag 
  • Plasterboard (including plaster and gypsum related products)* £2.40 per sheet/bag 
  • Asbestos (bonded type only – pre booked through 0845 1551010)** £7.80 per sheet/bag 
  • Tyres £1.35 each (commercial vehicle tyres not accepted; no charge for bicycle tyres)

A 'bag' is a typical rubble/aggregate sack up to 20" x 30" (50cm x 75cm)
A 'Sheet' is up to 8' x 4' (240cm x 120cm) for plasterboard and 6' x 3' (180cm x 90cm) for asbestos.
*Plasterboard is not accepted at Ivybridge, Totnes or South Molton Recycling Centres
**Asbestos is only accepted at Exeter, Great Torrington, Honiton, Kingsbridge, Newton Abbot, Okehampton, Tavistock and Tiverton Recycling Centres.  It must be double wrapped/bagged in strong plastic and pre-booked - see Asbestos procedure for further information.


The charge payable will be based upon the quantity of material to be deposited using the above rates as an indicative guide.

Payment for bags/sheets will be whole multiples of 'bags' e.g. 3 x £1.
Loose waste/waste in trailers etc will be assessed by the site manager.
The site manager's decision on the actual charge to be made is final.
Charges, inclusive of VAT, are payable directly to the site contractor. Only cash payments will be accepted. Receipts will be offered.

This is a service for which payment must be made. Legal proceedings will be taken against anyone using the service or attempting to use the service without payment in full.

Council Tax - What is covered?

Your council tax covers the cost of collecting, recycling and disposing household waste. As DIY type waste and tyres are not classified as household waste, Devon County Council has no requirement to provide any service and if a service is provided, it should not be at cost to the general taxpayer. Overall, it is not up to Devon County Council or the general taxpayer to pay for the disposal of waste generated from individuals home improvement or vehicle maintenance projects.

Other Options

Should you not wish to use the service, other options are available:

  • Skip Hire
  • 'Hippo' bag service – generally available via large DIY stores
  • People with larger loads may be able to take the waste directly to a landfill site or waste transfer station under a private, commercial arrangement with the site operator. It is recommended that you call the waste facility in advance.
  • Re-use opportunities may exist (e.g. for re-usable building materials) via websites such as Freegle and Freecycle
  • Tyres can be disposed of via your local tyre fitting outlet.

For more information contact the Waste Management Team at Devon County Council

Waste Management Team
Environment, Economy & Culture
Devon County Council
County Hall

Tel:0845 155 1010

Fax: 01392 382342