Abandoned Vehicles
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Abandoned Vehicles

Reporting and Procedures

All vehicles that are considered to be abandoned are dealt with using the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978 (as amended) as the primary source of legislation to remove such vehicles for disposal from both the public highway and private land. In addition to the above, the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005 also contains relevant legislation which is used by this Council to remove abandoned vehicles from both the public highway and private land.

First Visit

  • Enforcement officer visits the vehicle to confirm that in their opinion the vehicle has been abandoned.
  • Photographs and a site visit report are made during this visit.
  • If the vehicle is suspected as being abandoned, the Officer will either:
  1. Affix a self adhesive 7 day Notice on the windscreen (on the driver's side of the vehicle in clear view of the driver) requesting the registered keeper/owner to remove the vehicle. (There is no legal requirement for us to attach such a notice.) If no notice is attached then we will contact the last known registered keeper/owner requesting removal within seven days.
  2. Arrange for the removal of the vehicle to a safe location where it will be stored for a minimum period of seven calendar days.

In either eventuality we will make enquiries of the Police National Computer to ascertain the last know registered keeper details of the vehicle. We will then write to the keeper, either requesting them to remove the vehicle within seven calendar days or to advise them we have removed the vehicle to a safe location. Our correspondence will also detail the legislation used, the options available to the Council and the process and fees payable to enable the recovery of any removed vehicles from our custody.

  • All vehicles with no known keeper/owner may be subject to immediate disposal.

Second Visit

  • If the vehicle has not moved within the period of the 7 day notice, and or no response has been received from the last know registered keeper/owner, then the vehicle will be removed by the Council and stored for a period of seven calendar days before being disposed.

Taxed Vehicles

Current legislation concerning the processing of a taxed vehicle that in the opinion of Council Officer appears to have been abandoned confirms the following:

  • Taxed vehicles can be legitimately treated as an abandoned vehicle provided the Council takes all reasonable steps to ascertain the identity of and inform the last known keeper /owner of their intentions. The modus operandi for the removal of such vehicles will be the same as would be followed for the removal of an untaxed vehicle.

Untaxed Vehicles

All reports of the existence of an untaxed vehicle(s) must be made directly to the national Untaxed Vehicles Telephone Hotline on free phone 0800 0325 202 or online at http://dvla.gov.uk/onlineservices

Please note that you do not have to give your personal details if you wish to remain anonymous.

If you would like any further information or to report an abandoned vehicle please contact Torridge District Services on 01237 428890.

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