Standing as a Candidate in Elections
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Standing as a Candidate in Elections

Details on how to find out more about what's involved in becoming a Councillor whether at County, District or Parish/Town Council level.


It may not be something that everyone dreams about, but becoming a local councillor can be a very rewarding experience. Being a councillor offers a unique opportunity to make a difference to your local community and to help share, direct and monitor services which affect the people that live in, work in and visit Torridge.

For example - Torridge delivers a wide range of public services, most of these are statutory, but there are a number of discretionary services that are highly valued by our residents. Some of the funding for the statutory services comes from government grant, the balance is raised by collecting the Council Tax, and miscellaneous charges. Tough decisions have to be made and cuts in services may be inevitable.

It's not an easy job. It can be challenging, exciting and, at times, frustrating. Occasionally there will be a conflict of interest requiring sensitive judgement. A Councillor has a responsibility to be well-informed and to make difficult decisions in an open and reasoned way.

Officers advise Councillors on their work. They are professionally trained staff employed to carry out the functions and duties of the Council as decided by its elected councillors.

No political experience is necessary.

For more information on what is involved and to find out more information, please read the attached pdf icon Becoming a Councillor Guide [804kb]

If you would like further information please contact the Electoral Services Officer on 01237 428702 or