Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)
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Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

Status: Published / Review in Draft

Author: Torridge District Council / North Devon Council

Date: August 2011 (Base date 1st April 2010) / 2013-14 Review - Ongoing

The SHLAA is currently under review. As part of this process, the Council are willing to accept information about additional sites.  See below for further details.

The purpose of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) is to provide up-to-date information on land and buildings that might have the potential to deliver additional housing development in the future.

The results of the study will inform the development plan process by forming an important part of the evidence base that will support the Council's Local Development Framework (LDF), the replacement for the Torridge District Local Plan. The intention is that the Local Development Framework will then be able to better manage bringing forward land for housing, based on evidence of availability and site suitability. This should lead to more sustainable development across the District.

Planning Policy Statement 3: Housing requires all Local Authorities to prepare and maintain an up-to-date SHLAA and the requirements and process of preparing a SHLAA are clearly laid out within Government practice guidance.

Partnership Approach

Torridge District Council is working in partnership with North Devon CouncilWest Somerset Council and Exmoor National Park Authority in the preparation of the SHLAA. This will help to ensure consistency of the SHLAA reports across the Northern Peninsula Housing Market Area. The partners will use a common methodology and share a Stakeholder Panel of experts to support the preparation of their individual SHLAA reports.

The first Torridge SHLAA comprises a joint report with North Devon Council.


The partner authorities have prepared and published a pdf icon joint methodology [978kb], based on national practice guidance and best practice. The methodology has also been subject to public consultation. It will form the basis for SHLAA preparation for the partner authorities.

Stakeholder Panel

A Stakeholder Panel made up of development industry professionals, public sector bodies and community representatives has supported the SHLAA preparation process. The role of the Stakeholder Panel is to provide balanced expert input into the assessment of potential housing sites and the wider SHLAA preparation process.

SHLAA Review 

The preparation of a SHLAA is not a one-off exercise. There is an expectation that it will be maintained and reviewed. A second round of SHLAA Assesment has been completed, rolling forward the SHLAA to a base date of 1st April 2013. The site assessment process has concluded and all sites have been subject to review by the SHLAA Stakeholder Panel. A final report is currently being prepared, and its publication will be subject to endorseent by the Stakeholder Panel. In the interim, the draft findings are available: 

The Council is willing to accept information about new sites that people believe have the potential to deliver new housing. Information about new sites should be submitted using the forms available below and be accompanied by a map showing the precise boundaries of the site.

Please note that there is no need to resubmit details of any site that was promoted for consideration as part of the original SHLAA. If however, circumstances have changed or there is further information about the site that you would like considered as part of the review, then please feel free to submit it to the Council. In doing so, please include the site reference number (starting SHA/...) if it is known.

In order to be considered as part of this next SHLAA review interested parties should ensure that submissions are received by the Council by the 31st March 2012. Any submission received after this date will be held on file until any subsequent review is undertaken.

Original Call for Sites

Torridge District and North Devon Councils originally undertook a public 'call for potential housing sites' between 19th February and 1st April 2009. This provided an opportunity for interested parties to submit details of potential land or buildings to be considered as part of the SHLAA. All sites submitted through this opportunity have been assessed, along with others identified from other sources, during the preparation of the SHLAA.

SHLAA Report (2011)

The original SHLAA Report for North Devon and Torridge was published in August 2011 and is formed on information with a base date of 1st April 2010. This forms the first SHLAA for the two local planning authorities. The report and associated appendices and an executive summary are available as a series of downloads below. 

  • pdf icon Appendices 1-5 [2Mb]
    • 1 - Stakeholder Panel
    • 2 - North Devon: Historical Completions 1996-2010
    • 3 - North Devon: Schedule of Small Sites
    • 4 - North Devon: Schedule of Appraised Site
    • 5 - North Devon: Summary of Findings by Parish
  • pdf icon Appendices 8-12 [1Mb]
    • 8 - North Devon: Defined Geographies
    • 9 - Torridge: Historical Completions 1991-2010
    • 10 - Torridge: Schedule of Small Sites
    • 11 - Torridge: Schedule of Appraised Sites
    • 12 - Torridge: Summary of Findings by Parish

Please note that Appendices 6 & 13 contain a substantial number of pages. These appendices will only be made available in electronic format.

A hard copy of the SHLAA report is available for inspection at the Council Offices at Riverbank House, Bideford. Additionally, printed copies of the Report (excluding Appendices 6 & 13) are available for purchase, on request, at a cost of £25+p&p.

Further Information

If you would like further information on the SHLAA please feel free to get in touch with the Planning Policy Team.