Skin Piercing & Cosmetic Treatments
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Skin Piercing & Cosmetic Treatments

Information about Acupuncture, Ear-Piercing, Electrolysis, Tattooing, Semi-Permanent Skin Colouring and Cosmetic Body Piercing.

Acupuncture, Ear-Piercing, Electrolysis, Tattooing, Semi-Permanent Skin Colouring and Cosmetic Body Piercing. is controlled by law.  Any person wishing to carry out these activities in the Torridge District must register themselves and their premises with the Torridge DC, Food and Safety Team and/or work from premises registered with us.

The purpose of registration is to ensure that basic Health and Safety standards are maintained in all premises where the above services are provided.

If you wish to provide one of these services, you will need to apply for registration.  Please download the application form on the right of this page or contact us and request an application form be posted to you. You may already be registered for some of the services above, any new service you wish to provide will need to be registered separately.  

There is a one-off registration fee (see "Fees and Charges" ) which covers the cost of administration and an inspection of your premises which will be carried out by one of the Council's Environmental Health Officers.

If you wish to register your service you can download an application form by clicking on the icon on the right.  Please send your completed form with a cheque for the required amount (made payable to "Torridge District Council")  to:

Torridge District Council, Bridge Buildings, Bideford. EX39 2HT.

We normally process applications without delay but please allow 28 days from the submission of your application for administration, inspection and receipt of your Registration Certificate.

Registered businesses must comply with the Council's Bye Laws, best practice guidance  and relevant Health and Safety law.  Your premises will be inspected at periodic intervals to ensure that the necessary standards are being maintained. All premises undertaking the above must be registered.


Write to: Torridge District Council, Food & Safety Team, Town Hall, Bideford, EX39 2HS

Telephone: 01237 428809


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