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Animal Welfare Licences

The Council licenses a range of premises including Catteries, Kennels, Pet Shops, Riding Stables, Dangerous Wild Animal establishments and Zoos.

If you wish to apply for a licence for one of the above establishments, you should first check to see if you require planning permission.  You should contact our Development Control Section (Telephone: 01237 428733) or e-mail your enquiry to  

There is a straightforward application process for Catteries, Kennels and Pet Shops. Because of the higher risks involved, applications for licences for Riding Establishments and premises keeping Dangerous Wild Animals are subject to more rigorous checks.

Provided your application meets all our criteria, we aim to issue your licence within 5 working days of receipt of all documentation.  Your premises will be regulated by the Council and you must ensure that you comply with the conditions of your licence at all times.

You can download information and guidance by clicking on the icon on the right.  For further information, please select the relevant page below or contact us at 

The application process for a Zoo Licence is more complex and involves inspection by veterinary surgeons appointed by DEFRA.  For further information, please contact Tony Nicholls, Licensing Manager on 01237-428991 or click on the link to the DEFRA website on the right.