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Housing Benefit & Council Tax Support

A means-tested benefit available for those on a low income, to assist in payment of Rent.

Within this section you will find details of Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support and Fraud Investigation Services.  We hope that you find all of the information that you require quickly and easily but if you do have any comments then please contact us.

Check Entitlement Online

The Council provides an online-benefits checker to enable potential claimants to assess their possible entitlement.
Remember this calculation is an estimate based on the information you supply. For a full evaluation make a formal claim as soon as possible.
Click Here for the Online Benefit Calculator


The Government is in the process of making very significant changes to the benefits and tax credits system.  This is bringing a great deal of uncertainty and fear for many people under pension age who receive help with everyday living costs from the Government.

To help explain what these changes could mean for you, we have put together this simple guide that will direct you to information and support to help you cope with the changes.

Welfare Reform - coping with the changes


Benefits Advisor (provided externally by Directgov)

Use the benefits adviser to...


  • check which benefits you may be able to get
  • get an estimate of the benefits, tax credits or pension that may be available
  • compare estimates if your situation changes
  • save your answers for up to seven days
  • download/print results for reference

To answer all the questions you will need information about...


  • savings
  • earnings eg pay slips
  • benefit/pension details
  • outgoings, eg Council Tax, rent/mortgage, childcare payments
  • if you rent a property from a private landlord, your Local Housing Allowance rate

Visit the Directgov Benefits Advisor now

Help with budgeting - Provided by LearnDevon Community  Development Co-ordinator - Morgan Quick

We offer  a healthy eating on a budget advice course - 20hrs accredited and free to anyone claiming means tested benefits.  The course looks at the cost of food, creating a healthy menu, budgeting for food and what you really spend your money on.  For example;  a chocolate bar a day will cost you £237 a year! And if you buy a pack of cigarettes a day@ £7 per pack, £2555.

We can also link with supermarkets to have tours and talk about basics ranges  and use of frozen versus fresh veg ( not what you think as frozen is often better nutritionally and more economical)

The tutor is also trained through "waste not want not programme"

The course is fun but with a serious side

We can also offer a workshop about the change to monthly benefits and impact on families/adults .Workshops will discuss some top tips for saving money and budgeting monthly, including

1. Applying for the warm home discount as £140 off your energy bill is not to be sniffed at!

2. Paperless billing (often 10% discount on energy bills)

3. Paying by direct debit

4. Looking at what to pay as vital and what could be classed as treats

5. Look at planning for the month so that money lasts till next benefits payment

This would be a one off workshop for groups.

If you are over 19 years of age and would like to know more about healthy eating on a budget and/or the monthly budgeting advice workshop please contact Morgan Quick on 01237 472462


BIDEFORD (Bridge Buildings)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday:             9.00am to 4.30pm

Wednesday:                                                      9.00am to 1.00pm


Thursday:                                                         9.30am to 2.30pm

Friday:                                                             9.30am to 1.30pm


Tuesday:                                                          9.30am to 1.30pm

Wednesday:                                                      9.30am to 2.30pm