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The Management Team

The Head of Paid Service, Jenny Wallace leads the Council's Senior Management Team (SMT) and the Operational Management Team (OMT)


Strategic Management Team

This team is the main officer decision making body and works alongside and for the councillors you elect to run the District Council's services, such as waste collection, street cleaning, parks, play areas, leisure, housing services, economic development and regeneration, planning and more.

The Strategic Management Team (SMT) all permanent :

  • Head of Paid Service - Jenny Wallace -                                
  • Strategic Manager (Services) - Verna Green -                      
  • Strategic Manager (Resources) - Steve Hearse -                  
  • Joint Head of Planning and Development - Kate Little -         
  • Senior Solicitor - Jamie Hollis -                                           

SMT is responsible amongst other things for:

  • Managerial leadership and direction of the council;
  • The development of corporate policy and initiatives for Council consideration;
  • Co-ordination and commissioning of council-wide activity, planning and programme management to deliver top quality local services.

This team is responsible for the work of around 210 and leads an organisation that provides vital local services; co-ordinates with the public sector partners, the private and voluntary sectors; and represents the interests of Torridge on a local, regional, national and even international stage.

The SMT and their salaries:

Information regarding the pay of senior officers can be found in the Council's pdf icon Pay Policy Appendix [46kb].


Operational Management Team

The Operational Management Team (OMT), in addition to members of SMT, comprises of the following:

  • Business Transformation Manager - Roger Bonaparte
  • Commercial and Leisure Services Manager - Sean Kearney
  • Customer Support Manager - Simon Toon
  • Development Manager - Dave Green
  • Chief Accountant - Nick Simcoe
  • Governance Manager - Jon Walter
  • Human Resources Manager - Sarah Ayres
  • Property Manager - Andrew Waite
  • Regulatory Services Manager - vacant
  • Solicitor - Staci Dorey
  • Waste and Recycling Manager - Richard Haste