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Environmental Health Portal

This page links all the Teams together and provides services at a glance, we often find that people make enquiries wanting to contact Environmental Health about a specific subject but are not sure which team to contact.

Emergency Planning: Local or national emergencies, extreme weather warnings, flooding Contact 01237 428963 richard.haste@torridge.gov.uk


Environmental Protection: Dogs & animal welfare; Noise, dust, smells, smoke and other nuisance complaints; Industrial pollution; Drainage; Private water supplies; Pest control; Bathing water quality; Caravan and camping sites; Contaminated land; Green Team (littering, fly-tipping, graffiti)  Contact: 01237 428810 or environmental.protection@torridge.gov.uk

Food and Health & Safety: Food complaints, food business registration or approval, public food register, food hygiene training, compliance guidance, food hygiene ratings, health & safety at work, reporting an accident, acupuncture, electrolysis, body piercing, ear piercing, tattooing registration. Contact: 01237 428809, foodadmin@torridge.gov.uk

Housing: Moving house, problem with housing, housing conditions and dis-repair, grants and loans, empty home, affordable housing, gypsy and travellers sites, housing strategy and policy. Contact: 01237 428849, housing.renewal@torridge.gov.uk

Licensing: Animal welfare licences, boatmen's licences, betting, busking, car boot sales, charitable collections, enforcement and regulation, fees and charges, gaming, hypnotism, licensed premises, lotteries, motor salvage operators, public entertainment, public registers, scrap metal dealers, sex establishments, street trading, Sunday trading, taxis and private hire vehicles. Contact: 01237 428991 or licensing@torridge.gov.uk

Local Authority Funerals: Information about funerals where there are no next of kin.