2012-13 Business Rates Deferral Scheme
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2012-13 Business Rates Deferral Scheme

In his Autumn Statement in November 2011, the Chancellor announced that a new deferral scheme would be introduced from 2012. The scheme offered business ratepayers the chance to postpone payment of some of the rates bill for the 2012-13 financial year only, over a three year period.

The Government offered ratepayers the opportunity to defer 3.2 per cent of their 2012-2013 rates bill as a result of the Retail Prices Index up rating, to be re-paid equally across the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 financial years.

Any ratepayer liable to pay business rates could apply to defer 3.2 per cent of their 2012-13 rates bill, provided there was a balance on their account and the ratepayer had not forfeited the right to pay by instalments.

If you have opted to defer 3.2 per cent of the 2012-13 rates bill, the amounts to be repaid with the 2014-15 instalments will be shown on your bill.

To view the fact sheet please see the related downloads to the right.

For further information and advice please contact the business rates team.