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Planning Policy

Planning policy provides the framework that will guide and control the development of land and buildings in the area and sets out proposals as to how it should develop in the future. The policies are then used to assess planning applications and to decide what development is appropriate.

The Planning Policy Team are responsible for preparing, maintaining and giving advice on a wide range of documents including both the adopted Torridge District Local Plan and the new North Devon and Torridge Local Plan.

The team also manage the preparation of development briefs to set out how important sites should be developed. They also maintain a wide ranging evidence base to ensure that development proposals are reasonable and appropriate.

If you have any queries or questions in relation to planning policy in Torridge, or the work that the team carry out, please feel free to get in touch.

Public Consultation ~ 20th March - 1st May 2015

North Devon Council and Torridge District Council are consulting upon a series of Proposed Main Changes to the Publication Draft of the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan. The Councils would like to invite you to have your say on Proposed Main Changes and the associated Sustainability Appraisal during a six week period from 20th March to 1st May 2015:

Planning Policy News

Draft Local Plan (2011-2031)

All councils are required to produce a local plan with the aim of providing a more flexible planning system that adapts to changing priorities and which seeks to secure sustainable development.

The local plan sets out how we will plan the future development of North Devon and Torridge districts. It will guide new developments to appropriate locations, while protecting our natural environment and built heritage, and provides guidance on how to submit planning applications.

The local plan is shaped by the government's National Planning Policy Framework, the top tier of planning policy. The framework provides guidance to local authorities and other agencies on planning policy and the operation of the planning system.

The Publication Draft of the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan was available for consultation 26th June 2014 - 8th August 2014.

Evidence Base

Planning policy and in particular, the Local Plan, must be based on up to date and robust information. This is to ensure that any policies and proposals have a sound basis. The Planning Policy Team manage a comprehensive evidence base to support the preparation of the Local Plan.

Adopted Development Plan (including Torridge District Local Plan 1997-2011)

The Development Plan is the main consideration against which planning proposals are determined. It is made up of a number of documents, including the Local Plan, and is prepared by Torridge District Council and other organisations.

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