Opening Times and Access

The Park is open to pedestrians at all times but there are restrictions on vehicles. The Burrows Centre is open from the end of May to early September and the toilet facilities from Easter to the end of September.

Vehicle Access
If arranging to meet with friends it is important to remember there are three main entry points. Sandymere road via Northam Square , Pebbleridge Road via Westward Ho! and the Tip Road via Burrows Lane on the Appledore Road (see Burrows map)

During British Summer Time (when the clocks go forward) vehicle gates are open from 7.a.m to 10.p.m and in British Winter Time (when the clocks go back) they are open from 7.a.m to 6.p.m, but pedestrian gates are still open outside of these hours.

At certain times and particularly over the summer season there is a toll charge for the privilege of bringing a vehicle onto the common. At these times entry is by Ticket or Manor pass only. Duplicate Manor passes are available from Northam Town Council. Lost Season tickets are available by ringing the Burrows Centre on 01237 479708 and making an appointment to obtain a substitute. If you just turn up at the gate you are likely to be charged the normal entry fee

See the table below for charges and categories of vehicles.

Burrows Centre and Toilets
The opening times for the Burrows Centre are from 11.a.m to 5.p.m. The toilets are available from 9.30 a.m. to 5.p.m from Easter to the end of September.

Restricted Mobility
People with prams pushchairs and wheelchairs may experience some difficulty in accessing all parts of the Burrows.  The park is a relatively natural area of dune and coastal grassland with much of it being flat or gently sloping. There is little hard surfacing but the natural grasses being short and grazed provide a fairly substantial surface.  There is a walkway at the end of Sandymere road across the Pebble Ridge for easier access to the beach. This does not suit all, as the ridge being a natural feature and the walkway man made so the higher tides can cause movement to the walkway and irregular stepping.  The main beach access is the slipway at Westward Ho!

The Burrows Centre and toilets are easier access with one of the conveniences recently refurbished to accommodate wheelchair access and pushchairs/prams for baby's needs and necessities.

Charges for Summertime

Ticket Type

Present Charges

Daily Car


Evening Car/Mcycle


Minibus/car & trailer


Evening Coach/car/trailer3.50

Weekly ticket


Season ticket


Daily Coach/Minibus & Trailer