Holding an event in a Council car park

At a number of events are held in Council car parks each year. If you are planning an event the Parking Office would like to hear from you.

Torridge District Council has a number of car parks in town centre locations. If you are planning an event a Council car park may be the ideal venue. We will consider proposals to use a large section of a car park or just a few bays. Alternatively, if you are holding an event elsewhere we will consider proposals to reserve parking bays for your use, or for your guests.

Each proposal will be considered on an individual basis and charges may apply.

Interested parties should write to the Parking Services Manager at the address below:

The Parking Office - Torridge District Council 
Bridge Buildings 
EX39 2HT

If permission is given for an event you will be asked to provide the following:

  • A signed copy of our conditions of use or hire. Standard terms and conditions are given below.
  • A risk assessment for the event. A template may be downloaded from this page.
  • Evidence of appropriate insurance cover. You will need to be insured for a minimum of £5,000,000 public liability.

Standard Terms and Conditions

  1. The Council will accept no liability for any loss, accident or damage to the persons or organisation using or hiring any Council car park or property belonging to them, unless caused by negligence on the part of the Council itself.
  2. Persons/organisations using or hiring a Council car park agree to reimburse the Council for any damage to the car park surface, markings or fittings caused as a result of their use or hire of the car park.
  3. Persons/organisations using or hiring the car park must use only that area of the car park indicated by the Car Park Administration Officer or other Council Officer and must not allow their activities to extend beyond any such area.
  4. Persons/organisations may only use or hire Council car parks for the purposes authorised by the Council. Any unauthorised use of Council car parks will constitute an offence under the District of Torridge Off-Street Parking Places Order and may render the hirer liable to prosecution.
  5. For any events where a charge for hire of a car park is levied by the District Council, such charge must be paid promptly on receipt of appropriate invoice.
  6. Persons or organisations using or hiring any Council car park for a function undertake to leave the car park clean and tidy afterwards and to remove all litter or rubbish arising from such a function.
  7. The person or organisation using or hiring the car park agrees to indemnify the Council against any costs, claims, actions or demands made against the Council in respect of the use or hire of said car park by the said person or organisation unless caused by negligence on the part of the Council itself.
  8. Any agreement is for the period specified. The Council reserves the right, however, to terminate an agreement without giving a reason upon 7 days notice, in writing. The Council will, in the event of such termination, refund a proportionate part of any hiring fee, where appropriate.