Energy efficiency advice

Simple energy efficiency measures can reduce fuel bills and conserve heat, giving you a warmer home. You might be able to get help with your energy costs or to make your home more energy efficient. Grants & loans are made available for homeowner-occupiers, landlords and tenants for insulation works and heating installations through the Energy Company Obligation

If you have any questions about saving energy at home, your energy supplier may be able to offer you free advice, information packs and discounts on energy saving products.

Simple energy efficiency measures can reduce fuel bills and conserve heat, giving you a warmer home.  You might be able to get help with your energy costs or to make your home more energy efficient. 
Visit the GOV.UK Energy Grants Calculator

LEAP (Local Energy Advice Programme)

LEAP is a new FREE energy and money saving advice service. 

Help you to save money and to keep your home warm and cosy.

Freephone number 0800 060 7567 or click here to apply.

Energy Saving Trust

Free and impartial advice on how to reduce carbon emissions, how to use water more sustainability and how to save money on energy bills.
Helpline number 0300 123 1234 or go to Energy Saving Trust.

Cosy Devon

Cosy Devon is a council backed scheme offering a range of free and subsidised energy saving measures that can help you save energy and money.
Telephone 0800 0511 548 or go to Cosy Devon.

Local Authority Flexible Eligibility Statement of Intent

Under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) requirements 2017 - 2018 (ECO2t), local authorities can set their own criteria for eligibility for funding for domestic energy efficiency measures. This funding is aimed at those within a local authority most likely to be in fuel poverty. Energy companies can spend up to a maximum of 10% of their full obligation within these criteria. Local authorities must publish a statement of intent that defines who is eligible for funding before this can happen.

Torridge District Council wish to utilise this scheme for the benefit of our residents who are experiencing fuel poverty and will seek to encourage, facilitate and support take up of the measures in fuel poor communities and households.

Where we can, we will work with energy companies, installers and customers to maximise the input of Flexible Eligibility ECO on fuel poor households. However fitting the criteria within the statement of intent does not guarantee that any individual household will benefit from energy saving improvements as the final decision on funding rests with energy suppliers and will depend on:

  • The survey carried out and installation costs calculated

  • the energy savings that can be achieved for a property, and

  • whether suppliers have achieved their ECO targets or require further measures to meet their ECO targets (this will affect the amount of funding available through the scheme)

pdf icon TDC ECO Flexible Eligibility Statement of Intent 22/11/2017 [226kb]

Torridge District Council are currently working with 2 providers in delivering the scheme across the district - all mailings from these companies will show the TDC logo.

If you think you might qualify for this funding, contact either of the companies below for more information and a free consultation:

C6 Funding

Happy Energy (Heat Devon)

The Green Deal is no longer available

On 23 July 2015 the Government announced it has stopped the Green Deal. 

The Green Deal Finance Company, which administers the scheme, is no longer accepting any new loan applications. 

Existing loans are NOT affected and will continue to be repaid as normal.

For further information click here to access GOV.UK website.