Mrs Recycle

Torridge District Council knows how important it is to encourage caring for the environment and to promote recycling we enlist local self employed 'Mrs Recycle' to reinforce the REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE message.

Children across the Torridge District Council area receive visits from "Mrs Recycle" on a two year rotation to their school,  where they are given the opportunity to sort through lots of rubbish and see first-hand how this can be dramatically reduced if people take the time.

At the beginning of the session KS1 children are shown a bean bag world wearing a sad face due to all the rubbish it's being fed and  by the end of
learning the 3Rs the globe is smiling. The children are always "keen to be green" and help sort it out - identifying different materials and deciding
what can be done - rather than wasting them.

Mrs Recycle's aim is that children will recycle instinctively and ensure that they grow up in a healthy, sustainable world, actively reducing, reusing and recycling and encourage those that they live with to do our bit to make sure this happens.

Mrs Recycle is keen to give presentations about her favourite subject -
RECYCLING and can be contacted via e-mail at:  mrsrecycle@mrsrecycle.co.uk