Green Waste (Wheelie Bin) Service for kitchen and garden waste



Where can I purchase additional Corn Bags for Food Waste Recycling?

Additional Corn Starch Liners can be purchased from:


Bideford Cobblers & Keys, High Street, Bideford:  01237 472663

Holsworthy Tourist Information Centre:  01409 254185

Torrington Tourist Information Centre:  01805 626140

Major Supermarkets



What can I put in my wheelie bin ?

Food waste, meat and bones, bread, pastries, fruit and veg, tea and coffee, egg shells, bark, hedge clippings, lawn mowing and weeds, leaves, plants (excluding soil), clean straw, untreated wood shavings and sawdust, twigs and small branches (one metre long and 40mm diameter). Please remember it has to be shred-able.

What cannot go in my wheelie bin ?

Soil, turf, stones, rubble, wax or wax covered packaging, cardboard, egg boxes, fat / oil,disposable nappies, plastic, glass, leather, nails, porcelain, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, batteries,ash,textiles, car parts, treated / painted timber, rubber, branches over one metre long and 40mm diameter, no litter or animal waste of any kind. Please remember it has to be compost-able and shred-able.

Larger branches and unsuitable material can be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

If you require any further information please telephone 01237 428700

e-mail: recycle@torridge.gov.uk

Assisted Collections

To discuss having an assisted collection please telephone (01237) 428700 or email recycle@torridge.gov.uk